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- V4INK consider to be the best discount Ink Cartridges Stores of 2017
- Where and How to Buy Cheap Toner Cartridge?
- Best Toner Cartridge that go green
- What’s the best way to use Your HP printer
- Get familiar with printer supplies-toner cartridge maintenance small recipe

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 V4INK consider to be the best discount Ink Cartridges Stores of 2017 Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Don’t you ever heard V4INK?

V4INK Inc. was founded in 2013. Since that time, it has grown to become one of the largest online retailers of printer supplies in the US with its warehouse in Los Angeles and New Jersey. Selling compatible toner cartridges on Amazon for 3 years and earns good reputation from customers with its good quality product and excellent customer service.

Some users which have purchased V4ink supplies said “We consistently found V4INK’s prices to be lower than other similar shop.”

Anyone can receive a discount code through V4INK when they finish the register. They can use this code shop at the V4INK to buy any ink and toner product.

Additionally, V4INK always have some promotion on the festival or the special days. Customers can get the message from their e-mail, if you’re a regular customer of V4INK, then you would find that the discount is up to 90 percent on the V4INK website.

Recently, V4INK have a promotion for Tax Season. As tax season increases printing costs for businesses, V4INK help customer savings more money on this special day. “Buy 1 Get 1 Free! Savings Just in Time for Tax season.” The Preferential efforts of the hot-sale product tn450, TN660, CF400X is up to 50%.

Some people will ask: Why V4INK could provide the lowest prices than other stores?

The Brand Manager of V4INK told us: V4INK’s products are very good quality for mass production, so their price will be comparatively low.

If you want to buy high quality ink and toner cartridge with best discount? V4INK is the best choice for you!

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 Where and How to Buy Cheap Toner Cartridge? Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

The aftermarket for toner cartridge can be a tricky place to shop. Third-party cartridges cost less than the manufacturers' brands--which is why people buy them. But it can be a lot harder to tell whether a third-party vendor sells good-quality ink and toner products.

One time-tested method is to shop at an established retailer that guarantees the quality of its products. Obvious examples include office supply chains such as LD Products, EZ Ink, 4Inkjet, and V4INK, all of which carry third-party ink cartridges.

But finding third-party ink for your specific printer model can be a challenge, particularly if your unit is very new, very old, or not very popular. Before driving around town to find the right cartridge, do a little homework online.

Like the online arms of other major retailers, v4ink.com has an ink and toner Finder. Click the link to search the suitable toner cartridge from V4INK base on your printer model. You could find third-party supplies toner cartridge for your Brother, Canon, Dell, Samsung Lenovo and Hp printer.

If you have any issue when you purchase at V4INK, please feel free to contact the V4INK’s customer service. They will answer you as soon as possible.

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 Best Toner Cartridge that go green Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Nowadays, green is one of the most important indicators in toner cartridge and other printer supplies.

A lot of efforts are being made lately to reduce the use of harmful materials that cause trouble in the environment. Even when the technology is rising, there are still ways to conserve the resources and energy without having to lose the quality and life that you were used to.

In the computer and printer industry, there are different ways being applied by several companies to go green. Some reduce their wastes through installing lightings that consume less energy. Also using cutting-edge LED can decrease your electric bill and lower the used materials for making electricity. Another method that many companies apply nowadays is reducing the trash made by being efficient with the internet communication and thinking twice before printing.

Energy savings is also an important factor to save more on our resources. Low cost on electricity can be gained if the appliances used are those that are cost and Earth friendly. Also, turning off devices and lights not in use can really help especially in places that do not have too many of these left on.

But if you wish to save on your work and personal prints, it’s very easy. Just use compatible cartridges like V4ink which can be an alternative for the expensive original equipment manufactured inks and toners. A compatible cartridge contributes to the saving of nature because of its manufacturing process and the resources it uses. It also saves on ink or toner while maintaining the high quality of printed materials. The popular printer models include brother toner / brother tn450 / cf400x, etc.

Trying these measures will surely make you a more eco-friendly person plus you can save more on your electric bills too. That’s conserving money and the environment at the same time.

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 What’s the best way to use Your HP printer Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

hp toner cartridges are the printer consumables of your HP LaserJet Printers, these contain toner powder made from high-engineered polymers mixed with carbon and coloring agents making the printing process possible. Its no surprise that users often complain how expensive these HP toners are, sometimes even to the extent that they cost higher than the laser printer unit itself. Thus to solve this dilemma, printer users resort in buying cost-saving alternative such as compatible HP toner cartridges to save money.

But even though these compatible HP toners can lessen your printing expenses, don’t you wish to know how to extend the life of your toner cartridge to save even more. HP toner cartridges has a shelf life of about 18 months and an installed life of 6 months, basically having a life expectancy total of 24 months. However, as stated earlier, it is possible to extend this by following these certain steps:

Store your HP toner cartridges properly. Since these printer cartridges are photo-sensitive, it is prudent to stock them on a dark cabinet at a room temperature of 60 to 78 degrees Fahrenheit. Remember to take note of the temperature, too much heat can cause the toner powder to melt and fuse within the cartridge’s parts. If this happens then there’s a great probability that your HP toner cartridges can be defunct. Popular hp printer models includes: cf400x / hp 201x, etc.

Set your HP LaserJet to Eco-Mode. About a large portion of HP LaserJet Printers and multifunction centers are featured with an eco-mode setting. The Eco-Mode setting generates the printer to use minimal amount of toner in printing documents and images, thus saving the install life of your HP toner cartridges.

For drafts and unimportant documents, print black. If you’re going to print for drafts, home works or full-text documents then select printing black in the printers setting since the normal setting tend to used all the colors thus wasting them.

Redistribute the toner. A hack used to get the most out of your HP toner cartridges every time that low-toner alert message pops out in your screen. All you need to do is take out of the toner cartridge out of your printer component, gently shake it from side to side to distribute the toner powder inside the cartridge, making it possible for your printer to produce more output.

While extending the life of the printer, you can also choose a more cost-effective supplies products to achieve the best results of the printer, which is the best use of HP printers.

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 Get familiar with printer supplies-toner cartridge maintenance small recipe Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

1, extend cartridge life (note: not necessarily valid)

We know that the laser printer in the use of a longer period of time after the print out of the text, the image will appear blurred, bottom ash and other phenomena. Even if the replacement of a new toner cartridge is not solve the problem, then we should take into account the problem may be a cartridge. We know that laser printer toner cartridges have a life: more than 10,000 ships, such as Hewlett-Packard, Lenovo. When the life of the cartridge to a later, there will be the phenomenon. This is mainly due to photosensitive drum surface photosensitive properties of aging, the surface potential decline, the residual voltage increases, affecting the imaging cartridge caused by (see the first part of the printing principle).

Is there any way to make the cartridge back to life? I thought of the surface of the cartridge is a layer of non-toxic organic compounds with photosensitive properties, when in the light, the coating will be conductive. In a number of chemical guidance of friends, I finally get it Cr2O3. As follows: Take to 5 g of chromium oxide, with lens paper dipped directly in one direction along the drum carefully wipe (do not wipe back and forth!) Again, to completely wipe the surface of the drum, do not miss. Wipe should be particularly careful: gentle, and then more gentle! Also note that your nails will scratch the drum tympanic membrane. Through the above-mentioned photosensitive drum can be re-printed thousands of pages to 10,000! What about it? You can save a lot of money, of course, this method may not be effective Oh.

2, full use of laser printer toner cartridges (Note: You can try)

Since Epson (Epson) series laser printer with excellent print performance and convenient operation performance in the community there are a considerable number of users. But because of its more expensive supplies and the use of the cartridge is very easy to fatigue, when the fatigue, the drum surface can not be returned in the print media will leave a very "heavy" background, a direct impact on the print.

Although the above mentioned also wipe with the chromium oxide cartridges, toner cartridge can eliminate the fatigue phenomenon, but this method may not be feasible. Because chromium oxide is solid particles (can not be dissolved), use it to wipe the surface of the drum, it may damage the drum surface. Some friends in the test of this method, but no effect, but the surface damage to the drum is very serious. After a number of tests, we also found a very simple method to eliminate the drum surface fatigue phenomenon, with this method, a cartridge can print more than 15,000 documents.

Specific methods are as follows: When the drum fatigue phenomenon, the first to remove the cartridge shell, in order to prevent damage to the drum surface, a soft cloth can be used to wrap the drum surface, remove the shell, carefully remove the cartridge, the sun exposure To two hours, although the printer manual is strictly prohibited on the cartridge under the sun exposure. But this method is indeed valid, anyway, dead horse as a living horse to medicine it! And then poured waste toner powder box, a small screwdriver can be used in the waste toner box back and forth, the toner will soon come out, this will prevent the powder when confused full "dust" flying, will be poured out Of the toner collected up and down the toner cartridge, but also for you to save an expenditure. After cleaning the surface for a soft cloth and toner cartridges some of the parts, after the installation of a good cartridge, that you are done. Then you will be pleasantly surprised to find that the original unbearable purpose of the manuscript now "clear" visible, originally very "heavy" background wiped out. The above test is a friend's personal experience, each time can be successful, you may wish to try it effective!

Printer ink refill, help you print high-quality documents, photos, and graphics.

Cheapest place to buy printer ink: v4ink.com

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